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Electric Motorcycles and Long-Distance Riding: What You Need to Know

Author IconOben Electric
Date Icon Wed Jun 12 2024

By eschewing fossil fuels in favour of clean and renewable energy sources, modern day transportation has undergone a revolution, ushering in a new era of sustainable mobility. Beyond their ecological acumen, electric vehicles epitomise the growing prowess of technology in the transport industry. Sophisticated battery systems, cutting-edge engineering, and easy usage have obliterated the anxiety of limited mileage. As opposed to using petrol-powered bikes, long-distance riding enthusiasts are exploring the potential of electric motorcycles for all their adventurous journeys across the country. 

Read on to learn all about the essential aspects of long-distance riding with electric two-wheelers, including their benefits, challenges, and a few tips for an enjoyable experience.

I. What Are the Benefits of Riding Electric Bikes on Long-distance Journeys?

Eco-Friendly Riding Experience

  • Sustainability: As opposed to traditional motorcycles, modern day electric motorcycles align with the global need to move towards green transportation. Powered by clean and renewable energy sources, electric motorcycles play a big role in improved air quality and are a step closer towards mitigating the adverse effects of climate change.

  • Zero Emission: Electric vehicles produce zero exhaust emissions, automatically reducing air pollution and our carbon footprint on the planet. 

Save Costs With Your Electric Motorcycle

  • Save On fuel expense: Imagine going for a long weekend ride and not having to factor in the cost of fuel into your budget. With Oben Electric’s Rorr bike, for instance, your journeys will be further simplified with the Oben Port that can be carried anywhere and be used to quickly and efficiently charge your electric bike.

  • Save on operation costs: Electric vehicles are generally more efficient and require less maintenance in the long run. Over time you can potentially save a lot of money on your bike whilst enjoying your long rides.

Battery Charge and Charging Stations

  • Range Anxiety: Most people who are new to electric transport fear running out of battery charge on a long drive. The advancements in battery charge and general infrastructure of electric motorcycles have significantly improved the range of these bikes and made long drives much more feasible.

  • Charging your EV: The charging infrastructure in India has improved in many ways. If you plan your journey ahead of time, you can chalk out the different charging stations on your route, making your travel a seamless and enjoyable experience.

II. Tips For Using Electric Motorcycles on Long Journeys

Make Sure You Choose The Right Bike

  • Explore your options:Before zeroing in on a particular bike, make sure your research is solid. Explore different models and test ride the bikes to assess if the bike matches your needs. Factors such as charging speed, range, battery life, etc, should be on top of the list.

  • Understand your battery: It is very important to understand the battery life of your bike before making a purchase. Understanding battery maintenance, including proper storage and care, can extend battery lifespan and optimise its performance, ultimately saving you money in the long run. 

Range Optimisation and Biking Efficiency

  • Braking and smooth acceleration: Like with most vehicles, traditional or electric, a smooth riding style can improve the efficiency of your bike. Gradual acceleration and controlled braking can help conserve battery power and extend your range. Bikes like the Oben Rorr provide extra safety with Unified Brake Assist for simultaneously applying the front & rear brakes, making your riding experience smooth and stress-free.

  • Understand the different modes on your bike: Many electric motorcycles provide eco modes that optimise energy usage. Knowing these beforehand may help provide an extended range for long distance riding.

  • Safety First: Make sure to increase your visibility on the road by installing additional lighting and adding reflective gear. Electric bikes make very little sound on the road, so it is important to make sure that other drivers are able to see you clearly.

Find Like-Minded People Online

  • Learn from Others: If you are new to the world of electric biking, learning from other people’s experiences can help you overcome many challenges. There are many online forums and communities that are dedicated to long-distance riding on electric motorcycles. Additionally, you could participate in group rides to understand the challenges of long rides and be better equipped on your next solo journey.

III. What Are the Challenges of an EV on Long Journeys?

Overcoming the Fear Of Range

  • Understand range: You can easily eliminate range anxiety by getting a clear idea of your electric motorcycle’s range. Planning your journey and keeping a positive mindset will surely get you from one point to another without a glitch. While going on a long ride it is important that you familiarise yourself with the charging infrastructure on your route so as to enjoy the experience. 

Build Smart Charging Strategies

  • Charge Frequently: Maximise your riding time and minimise charging time by charging your bike during meal breaks. In order to do this, you will need a clear map of your journey with all your pit stops at charging stations.

  • Carry a Portable Charger: In case you encounter a situation where charging stations are unavailable, consider carrying a portable charger for emergencies. These compact chargers can provide a temporary power boost to your battery, allowing you to reach the next charging point.

  • Plan your accommodation: If your overnight stop is equipped with a charging point, your journey will get much easier. Charging your bike at night will give you a full battery and a long range for your journey ahead.

Embarking on long-distance journeys with electric motorcycles opens up a whole new world of adventure. Armed with the aforementioned tips, you can confidently embark on exhilerating rides with your Oben Rorr electric motorcycle. Thanks to 200 mm ground clearance, water wading capacity up to 230 mm, and a superior IP67 rated battery, the Oben Rorr promises a smooth, tension-free ride through potholed city streets and rough country terrains alike. What’s more, its 187-kilometre range, quick 80% charge mechanism in two hours, and long-lasting aluminum die cast battery assure peace of mind - just the thing you need on long journeys!

Experience the joy of riding an electric bike while saving costs and the environment. The future of long-distance riding is electrifying!