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What do Oben Electric customers have to say?

I feel like a celebrity every time I ride it...the Oben Rorr just turns heads wherever it goes.


Bengaluru, India

From Concept to Reality: Unravelling the Journey of Oben Electric

Founded in August 2020, Oben Electric, a Bengaluru-based e-bike startup, aims to revolutionise India's urban mobility through its best-in-class electric motorcycles. This goal is fuelled by Oben Electric's vision of "Design in India for the World."

The vision is powered by a skilled team with over 25 years of combined experience in electric two-wheelers. This team has already pioneered cutting-edge battery technology and has over 18 patents for its proprietary technology and electric bike components. Today, this R&D-driven organisation runs a 3.5 acre-wide manufacturing unit and can design, develop, and deliver over 100,000 electric bike units annually.

Oben Electric currently stands as one of the leading names in India's growing E-bike segment and aspires to rank among the top electric motorcycle OEMs in the world.

Oben Electric Experience Centre

Oben Electric took its first step toward enhancing customer experience with its first showroom in August 2023. Located in HSR, Bengaluru, the Oben Electric Experience Centre is a premier EV two-wheeler showroom that transcends the boundaries of a mere bike store.

Designed to offer a distinctive customer experience, the showroom brings together futuristic aesthetics with advanced customer interaction technologies. It is segmented into four distinct zones: Moto Live, Moto X, Moto Zen, and Moto Rack, each with a set of unique features.

Open to prospective buyers and electric bike enthusiasts, the Oben Electric Experience Centre invites visitors to connect with experts and fellow EV lovers, fostering a community around the love for e-bikes.

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