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Connected E-bikes: IoT Integration and Smart Features

Author IconOben Electric
Date Icon Tue Apr 23 2024

The Indian automotive industry is undergoing a seismic shift, with electric vehicles (EVs) firmly leading the charge. In the past few years, the sales of e-bikes in India have gone through the roof. However, this is just the beginning.

According to a recent study, the introduction of advanced technological features is one of the primary reasons behind the growing adoption of EV bikes. Electric bike manufacturers are responding to the demand by integrating cutting-edge technologies into their models.

From the latest IoT technology to smart safety features, the best smart e-bikesin India today are offering consumers an all-new way to commute.


The Convergence of IoT and E-bikes

IoT, or the Internet of Things, refers to a network of devices and sensors connected via the internet that is capable of exchanging data with each other. For instance, your smartphone and fitness tracker ‘talk’ to each other to exchange information about your health.

Although IoT was introduced with the vision of improving computer mechanics, it soon penetrated a wide range of industries. Today, the latest IoT technology is deployed in security systems, healthcare, and, of course, automobiles.

The EV sector in India is heralding a new era of smart mobility. An electric bike that can ‘communicate’ with the cloud and exchange performance and diagnostics data – this is not a piece of science fiction but a scene from reality. In recent years, the e-bike has undergone something of a transformation with the incorporation of the latest IoT technology.

Oben Electric, one of the best smart e-bike companies in India , is a player that has been able to crack the code for futuristic EV bikemodels. Its newest model, the Oben Rorr, integrates cutting-edge technology and IoT-enabled features, making it an instant hit among Indian EV enthusiasts.


Unveiling the Smart Features of Oben Rorr

Oben Electric brings the latest e-bike technology to the market with the Oben Rorr. Apart from its neo-classic design, powerful motor, and long-lasting battery, the Rorr also boasts a suite of IoT-enabled features.


1. Remote Diagnostics

The Oben Rorr offers a convenient ‘Remote Diagnostics’ feature that allows riders to stay updated on the condition of their EV bikes. With this technology, you can effortlessly monitor the condition of essential components of your e-bike, such as the motor and the battery. This real-time monitoring and diagnostics capability not only ensures the rider's safety but also prevents potential problems from escalating.


2. Built-in GPS

Another great feature of the Oben Rorr is its built-in GPS. The addition of GPS is a great asset that helps you defend your bike against any possible theft. With the location of your motorcycle always available on the mobile app, you can rest easy about the safety of your precious EV. In addition, you can also define the geographical boundaries of your bike by enabling Oben’s Geofencing technology, enabling you to safeguard your EV bike further.


3. Ride Statistics

The Ride Statistics feature is excellent for delving deeper into the details of your journeys. Every ride on the Oben Rorr is captured and translated into a comprehensive set of data points, including distance travelled, average speed, past ride history, and more. You can monitor these statistics to assess your riding patterns and exercise control over your daily commute.


4. Geofencing Technology

Oben Rorr’s latest e-bike technology, geofencing,allows riders to establish virtual boundaries or geographic zones, setting predefined areas for their bike's operation. If the bike moves outside these designated zones, you are notified through the smartphone app. You can then take action over unauthorised use by remotely turning your bike’s engine off.


5. Customer Care Support

With just one click on the mobile app, users can track nearby charging stations, raise service requests, or connect with a customer care executive. Thanks to this feature, you can quickly seek help from Oben’s customer support and report your EV Bikeissue without delay. 

Parting Thoughts

The fusion of IoT with transportation represents a pivotal moment in the evolution of the EV landscape.

IoT has a clear role to play in the transformation of the e-bike as a modern and sustainable mobility solution. As leading e-bike companies make greater investments in the R&D of their models, consumers can expect even greater convenience and performance in the upcoming years. 


If you want a vehicle with the latest e-bike technology, Oben Rorr is the most obvious choice. Embrace the future of the EV space by opting for the all-new Oben Rorr. Visit ourwebsite to book your Rorr today!