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Why is Ugadi an Auspicious Day to Buy an EV Two-Wheeler?

Author IconOben Electric
Date Icon Tue May 07 2024

Table of Contents

  1. Why is Ugadi the Perfect Day to Buy an EV Two-Wheeler?
  2. Bring Home the Powerful Oben Rorr This Ugadi
  3. To Sum Up

Ugadi marks the start of the lunisolar New Year for Hindus, primarily for those of the Marathi and Konkani heritage. Associated with good fortune, prosperity, and new beginnings, Ugadi is regarded as an auspicious day to make big purchases and embark on new ventures.

If you've been planning to buy an EV two-wheeler, there's no better opportunity to do so than on the auspicious day of Ugadi. Here's why.

Why is Ugadi the Perfect Day to Buy an EV Two-Wheeler?

Be it auto manufacturers or consumers, Ugadi is a promising day for the sale and purchase of EV two-wheelers. Given the religious and cultural significance of the event, the two-wheeler market witnesses an influx of people looking to make big-ticket purchases to start their year.

As a result, many automakers and dealers roll out exclusive promotional offers, bringing forth discount schemes and exciting deals to boost their sales during this festival. What is more, you are also likely to come across lucrative exchange deals on old EVs and attractive financing options, making it possible to save significantly on your new EV purchase.

Bring Home the Powerful Oben Rorr This Ugadi

As you wait the whole year to buy a two-wheeler on the auspicious day of Ugadi, why not make a choice that not only brings convenience but also contributes to a cleaner environment? Enter Oben Rorr, a stylish and powerful electric bike that redefines commute and sustainability.

Here are the various features that make Oben Rorr the perfect EV purchase this Ugadi-

1. Sustainable Riding

What makes Oben Rorr stand out from the crowd is its eco-friendly build, which promotes a greener future. With zero emissions and an eco-conscious battery pack, the e-bike minimises your carbon footprint and contributes to curbing pollution caused by fuel-powered vehicles.

Additionally, by choosing to ride an electric bike, individuals contribute to lower traffic congestion and noise pollution. Decreased reliance on fossil fuels ultimately helps promote sustainable transportation solutions.

2. Excellent Performance

Oben Rorr features a 10kW heavy-duty IPMSM motor with 8kW peak power and a top speed of 100 km/hr, making it perfect for those long, open-road rides. Besides, a quick acceleration of 0-40 km/hour in 3 seconds gives you a highly responsive riding experience and allows you to be in control.

3. Comfortable Riding

Experience Featuring a lightweight build and an ergonomic design, the Oben Rorr is designed to offer the highest level of comfort to the rider. It is custom-built for Indian roads, with an innovative ARX frame that ensures higher stability and sturdiness and allows easy manoeuvring through traffic and difficult road conditions.

4. Impressive Battery

Oben Electric has made significant strides in battery technology with an eco-friendly LFP cell tech battery pack that contributes to a greener environment. The 4.4kWh class-leading battery allows you a range of 187 km on a single charge, making it ideal for long rides.

Moreover, it features a best-in-class heat management system that offers 50% higher temperature resistance. Combined with its 2X battery life, Oben Rorr gives you more miles on the road without worrying about battery damage and replacement.

5. Stylish Design

Oben Rorr redefines performance, making your everyday commute stylish with its sleek frame and contemporary aesthetics. Available in three dazzling colour options, it has a retro vibe that gives it a charming appeal, making heads turn wherever you go.

6. Revolutionary Charging

This Ugadi, you don't have to worry about the fuel tank running low or the long wait at the fuel stations while you are out shopping on your new bike. Oben Electric offers a best-in-class charging mechanism – simply charge your bike anywhere and get 80% charging in just two hours.

Plus, with a range of 187 km on a single charge, you can enjoy longer rides with ease. That’s not all. Oben Net brings you a vast network of 12K+ charging stations across India, giving you the flexibility and control to charge your bike anywhere, anytime.

7. Service Warranty

When you buy an EV bike this Ugadi, you will not only save money with exciting discounts from dealers but also enjoy Oben Electric's comprehensive service warranty features. Get 3 free e-bike services, a 3-year motor warranty, and a 3-year battery warranty for up to 50,000 km.

To Sum Up

Ugadi is a day for new beginnings, and nothing could make this day more special than bringing your new e-bike home! Celebrate the festival with the eco-friendly and revolutionary Oben Rorr.

With best-in-class security features, a robust battery pack, and impressive performance, Oben Rorr offers you a thrilling and comfortable riding experience. Visit Oben Electric's website to know more.