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The Ultimate Guide to Maintaining Your Oben Bike

Author IconOben Electric
Date Icon Mon Jul 08 2024

Enjoying long, hassle-free rides with your brand new Oben Rorr?

Let’s help you keep it that way for years to come.

Here is the ultimate guide to maintaining your Oben bike. From cleaning and battery bike maintenance to avoiding wear and tear, this article tells you all you need to know about taking care of your new riding companion.

Use these tips to diligently maintain your bike, enjoy optimal performance, and enhance your riding experience. Let’s get started!

Tips to keep your Oben bike squeaky clean

Keeping your electric motorcycle clean from dust and debris is the first step to maintaining its longevity. This is because accumulated dust can dampen the motor’s efficiency.
Here are two simple tips for keeping your electric bike clean:

1. Have a cleaning schedule:

You should clean your bike regularly, preferably once a week. But wait! Don’t wash it with water like you would, a regular two-wheeler. Always use a damp cloth to wipe it down.

2. Take care while washing your bike:

In case you feel that your bike has become dirty after a long ride, you can take it to a professional and have it washed. If you prefer to do so yourself, seal all the electric compartments so that you do not inadvertently release any water into them. At any rate, never wash your bike while charging it.

Tips to ensure a long battery life

Did you know that your Oben electric bike has the coolest battery in its category? It also has a 2x longer life than other lithium batteries. A powerful battery requires proper maintenance for optimal performance. Increase the power of your eco-friendly battery by following these tips.

1. Avoid overcharging to maximise the battery life:

Your battery might be at 25%, and you might want to charge it to 100%, just like you do with your phone. But charging it to the maximum capacity every time can put a strain on your battery. Always charge it to a maximum of 85% - 90%.

2. Disconnect the battery when the bike is not in use:

If you aren’t using your Oben bike for a few days - even 3 to 4 days - you can detach the battery.

3. Avoid completely draining out the battery:

While you can disconnect the battery from time to time, do not let it drain fully. If the battery drains out too frequently, you might have to replace it.

Tips for maintaining the tyres of your Oben bike

1 .Keep tyres inflated:

Always keep the tyre filled to the recommended level. A properly inflated tyre enhances traction, reduces the chance of punctures, and allows you to ride faster.

2. Keep an eye out for wear and tear: 

Inspect the tyre for any evident indications of wear and tear and replace them if necessary. Riding on worn-out tyres is not only unsafe but can also harm your Oben Bike’s rims.

3. Check the tyre pressure frequently:

Electric bikes are convenient and lightweight. But, because of their lightness, you may not always feel a change in tyre pressure when riding. So, do make sure to actively check the tyre pressure from time to time. Low tyre pressure might harm the bike’s performance in the long term. It can also make your ride uncomfortable, and you might feel like your tyre is sticking to the road.

Tips for maintaining the brakes of your Oben bike

Replace your brake pads: Make sure you replace your brake pads when they show signs of wear and tear. Stay alert to signs like squealing andscreeching noises, deep metallic grinding, and the growling of the brakes. If you do not replace these on time, these worn-out brake pads could potentially lead to an accident. 

Maintain Your E-bike with Simple Tips

By following these simple tips and being consistent with your maintenance routines, you can ensure that your Oben bike delivers its optimal performance. With proper maintenance, not only do you extend your bike’s lifespan but also enhance your riding experience.

So, create your maintenance checklist today! Keep the battery charged, avoid overcharging, and don’t let the battery drain out. Monitor the tyre pressure regularly, inspect the brakes and lights, and rush to the nearest Oben Service Centre when you need to. 

Proactively investing time and effort in maintenance not only safeguards your investment but also promotes sustainability and a cleaner environment. So, make it a priority to give your Oben e-bike the care and attention it deserves and enjoy many miles of smooth, efficient, and eco-friendly rides.