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Beyond Scooters: The Diverse World of Electric Bikes in India

Author IconOben Electric
Date Icon Tue Jan 16 2024

Over the past few years, India has wholeheartedly embraced electric mobility. This is amply visible across city streets bustling with the sustainable and powerful alternative to fuel-driven two-wheelers. As per the data from EV Vahan, the adoption of electric two-wheelers in India has grown from 4.05% to 5.03% within a year. 

Furthermore, projections from McKinsey suggest a potential 60-70% electrification rate of two-wheelers in India by 2030. But despite India’s aspiration to lead the global EV revolution, misinformation around e-bikes plagues the Indian consumer.

A majority of Indian consumers still believe that the electric two-wheeler segment is only limited to scooters. Misconceptions such as these are a major hindrance to the growth and mass adoption of electric bikes in India. In this article, we’ll explore the diverse world of electric two-wheelers in India that goes beyond traditional scooters.


Understanding Electric Scooter’s Popularity

To be fair, the general lack of awareness about the presence of a wide range of electric bikes in India stems from the fact that most EV start-ups are taking the scooter route to electric mobility. The EV market for scooters is teeming with emerging brands coming up with the latest models, as opposed to its e-bike counterpart.

According to an article published by the Financial Express, experts suggest that the reason behind this favouritism stems from the electric scooter’s general frame and build. In the case of a motorcycle, their larger wheel size and less space under the seat lead to less space available for fitting the battery pack. On the other hand, scooters, with their spacious build, can accommodate larger battery packs with ease.

This minor difference has major repercussions on a larger scale. Ease in manufacturing scooters has led to more companies opting for the scooter route, creating an abundance of electric scooters in the EV sphere. As this chain reaction progressed, consumers ended up believing that the electric two-wheeler segment was restricted to only scooters. 


Major Differences Between E-Bikes and Scooters

Although you may get recommendations of scooters when you search for e-bikes, there are some major differences between these two variants:


1. Price Range

One of the major differences between these two variants arises in their pricing. Electric scooters are considered the economical solution, as most of the reputed models usually hover between the range of INR 40,000 to INR 90,000. However, electric bikes in India typically cost above the INR 1 Lakh mark. Some of the sport utility e-bikes can even cost up to INR 6 Lakhs. 

2. Performance

Performance is yet another determining factor. If you want to experience exhilarating rides and break the 100kmph speed mark, electric bikes should be your go-to choice. Electric scooters are not known for their performance, as most of them can only reach a high speed of 60 kmph. 


3. Uses

Electric scooters are known for being an economical solution, perfect for daily commutes. If you want an eco-friendly alternative for your daily rides, scooters are your perfect choice. But if you seek the best of both worlds – commuting locally during weekdays and venturing out for a long drive on the weekends; electric motorcycles are the way to go.


Highlight Features of Electric Bikes

The new-age electric bikes in India offer features that far exceed the capabilities of an e-scooter. Here’s how.

1. Power:

The core appeal of bikes is encapsulated in their power and performance. Some electric motorcycles in India, like the Oben Rorr, offer versatility with modes like economical and sports. The sports mode, in particular, allows e-bikes to achieve faster acceleration and sustain high-speed riding, showcasing their dynamic performance capabilities.


2. Battery:

With advancements in battery technology and heat management, electric bikes are going head-to-head against scooters in terms of extended battery life and quick charging capabilities.


3. Technology:

Modern electric bikes are a blend of performance and innovative features. Emerging startups in this industry are increasingly focusing on incorporating advanced technology into their models. Geo-fencing, app connectivity, ride history tracking, GPS navigation, and various other technological advancements have been integrated into some of the top-range e-bike models.


The Bottom Line

Owing to the continuous advancement in the EV sphere, the electric two-wheeler market has grown beyond just scooters. An influx of a wide range of electric motorcycles in India offers more choices to the consumer looking to shift to EVs. Ranging from the exhilarating riding experience of sports bikes to the practical solutions of commuter bikes, e-bikes can now address the unique needs of every individual.

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