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Busting 10 Common Misconceptions About Electric Motorcycles

Author IconOben Electric
Date Icon Tue May 07 2024

Say goodbye to electric motorcycle myths and uncover the real facts about EVs. Explore the benefits of eco-friendly transportation, cost savings, and exhilarating rides with Oben Electric.

If you are in the market for an electric vehicle (EV), you will likely hear both believers and sceptics present their arguments. Despite a rise in the adoption of electric bikes, some myths and rumours surrounding their use prevail.

Truth be told, all these myths are outdated. There was a time when e-bikes were no match for their traditional counterparts, but this is no longer the case. The latest EV bikes can easily outperform standard motorbikes in every aspect, including performance, comfort, and range.

In this article, we debunk 10 prevalent misconceptions regarding modern-day electric motorcycles and discover the true extent of their capabilities.

1. Electric Bikes Have a Low Range

The most common misconception is that an electric motorcycle does not offer a long range on a single charge. This might have been true a decade ago, but not anymore. Given the advancements in battery technology, most e-bikes can offer an extended range on a single charge. Some remarkable models, like the Oben Rorr, can even push the boundaries and travel an impressive 187 km on a single charge.

2. EVs are Too Expensive

While the market is full of expensive premium e-bike variants, there are numerous options available that come at a comparable or even more budget-friendly price point, than standard motorbikes. Oben Rorr, for instance,offers exceptional performance and an impressive range at an affordable ex-showroom price.

Furthermore, it is essential to remember that the showroom price alone does not determine the actual value of your EV. When you consider other price factors like fuel prices, maintenance costs, and government subsidies, owning an e-bike can be a cheaper alternative in the long run.  

3. Electric Motorcycles Can Be Unsafe

Like any vehicle, there is a small risk if the electric components or batteries are compromised. However, leading brands like Oben Electric have worked towards minimising such risks. Oben Rorr features the use of LFP cells and Maximum Heat Exchange technology in its battery pack to keep heat in check. This battery can withstand up to 50% higher temperatures than regular batteries. 

4. Riding a Bike Without Sound is Not Exhilarating

While avid motorcycling enthusiasts appreciate the roar of a traditional motorcycle, electric motorcycles offer a distinct experience. The quiet hum and rapid acceleration can be equally exhilarating. Ultimately, it is the speed and ergonomic design that contributes to an enjoyable bike riding experience. Additionally, the reduced noise significantly contributes to the reduction of noise pollution, improving the quality of life in urban areas.

5. EV Batteries Do Not Have a Long Battery Life

Another misconception is that EV batteries have a short lifespan. Modern electric motorcycle batteries, especially in premium models like the Oben Rorr, are designed to last for several years. In fact, the LFP (Lithium iron phosphate) battery has a life cycle that is five times longer than traditional Lithium-ion batteries. If you take good care of the battery pack with timely maintenance and attention, these batteries can serve you well past their warranty period.

6. Maintaining an E-bike is Expensive

Some people believe that maintaining a state-of-the-art electric bike is expensive. On the contrary, e-bikes generally require less maintenance than their traditional counterparts. With fewer moving parts and no oil changes, maintenance costs over the electric motorcycle's lifespan can be considerably lower.

7. Batteries are Harmful to the Environment

In the initial stages of EV development, battery cells contained hazardous materials like nickel and cobalt. The Oben Electric bikes use lithium ion phosphate (LFP) cell technology. These guarantee a longer battery life and do not adversely affect our planet.

8. Charging an E-Bike Takes Very Long

Gone are the days when you needed to charge your vehicle for the whole day. Leading electric motorcycles,like the Oben Rorr, can reach an 80% charge within a mere 2 hours. Furthermore, with the expansion of public charging infrastructure and the availability of home charging units, recharging your e-bike has now become increasingly convenient.

9. Electric Bikes Can Get Damaged in Rain

Electric motorcycles are engineered to withstand various weather conditions, including rain. All vital components are meticulously sealed and safeguarded. Moreover, the battery pack of the Oben Rorr boasts an IP67 waterproof rating. Therefore, whether confronted with torrential downpours or traversing knee-deep waterlogged areas, EVs like the Oben Rorr can easily navigate such challenges.

10. EVs Are a Temporary Trend

Electric vehicles, including electric motorcycles, are here to stay. Policymakers around the world have realised that the adoption of electric bikes is an environmentally conscious and technologically sound decision. This is why various governments are supporting the EV revolution with price incentives, capital subsidies for installing charging stations, and tax reductions.

The Indian government, in particular, is actively encouraging the adoption of EVs by offering subsidies. It has introduced the FAME India project to offer incentives for EV purchases, battery-swapping policies, and tax benefits.

Bottom Line

Change often brings disbelief, and the rise of electric motorcycles is no exception. However, upon further scrutiny, it is apparent that many of the misconceptions related to these innovative EVs lack substantiation.

Do not let myths hold you back from being part of this electrifying journey! Take a step towards a sustainable future with the all-new Oben Rorr. With fast-charging capabilities, extended ride range, and peak performance, the Rorr is here to guarantee an exhilarating ride. Book your test ride today!