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Innovations in Motion: The Exciting Development for Future Electric Bikes

Author IconOben Electric
Date Icon Wed Jun 12 2024

Table of Contents

  1.  Current Scenarios in the Indian EV Sector
  2. Potential Developments for Future Electric Bikes
  3. To Sum Up

The future of electric bikes is packed with advanced innovations! Explore some exciting and innovative e-bike features the future has in store for us.

Electric vehicles (EVs) have garnered substantial popularity in recent years. Despite initial misgivings about their capabilities, they have evolved into one of the most reliable solutions for mitigating carbon emissions.

Yet, unbeknownst to many, the e-bike models we see today have barely taken their true form. The whole EV segment can be considered to be in a nascent stage, with a series of positive changes and developments yet to come.

This prompts the question, “What other exciting developments can occur in the EV segment?”. According to the experts, EVs are set to experience unprecedented changes that can drastically alter contemporary mobility as we know it.

Current Scenarios in the Indian EV Sector

The electric motorcycle industry, particularly in India, has experienced remarkable sales growth and a surge in consumer awareness in recent years. The India EV sector reached a market size of 3.21 billion USD in 2022 and is expected to achieve almost 114 billion USD market size in the next 7 years. Furthermore, 2022 showed a year-on-year growth of 206% in EV sales, cementing the fact that Indian consumers are adopting electric vehicles at a rapid rate.

Such an attractive growth prospect has garnered the attention of numerous entrepreneurs and investors. However, these industry leaders’ primary focus is not business expansion; instead, they believe in an added focus on research and development. Major players in the e-bike segment, along with new-gen startups, have invested a considerable amount of time and money on research to produce better models of electric motorcycles.

Recently, there have been a few electric bikes that have substantially impacted the industry. The Oben Rorr, for example, has amazed EV bike enthusiasts around the globe. Its high performance, extended range, heavy-powered batteries, and connectivity features are a testament to the growth in e-bike development in just a few years.

Consumers are looking forward to more, and companies like Oben Electric are determined to deliver those demands.

Potential Developments for Future Electric Bikes

When it comes to the true potential of electric bikes, we have only touched the tip of the iceberg. Here are some of the possibilities that future models may have in store for us:

1. Breakthrough in Battery Technology

Batteries are the heart and soul of an electric motorcycle. In the early stages of EV development, weaker batteries were a significant concern, leading to what is commonly known as 'range anxiety' among consumers.

Fortunately, we have made progress in this regard, as evident from Oben Electric’s 187 km battery range, but the future demands more from these next-gen transport solutions. We may see advancements in energy density, charging speed, and overall lifespan with time. There is also a possibility of using new chemicals to replace Lithium-ion batteries.

2. Power and Performance Redefined

An electric motorcycle's performance hinges on its motor capabilities and recent advancements in motor technology have been truly transformative. Compact and highly efficient electric motors are now capable of delivering unprecedented power.

Integrating these powerful motors into future e-bike models is poised to revolutionise the riding experience. Expectations include faster acceleration, enhanced control, and higher speeds.Furthermore, we can also see regenerative braking systems, where EV bikes can generate power from brakes and feed it back to the batteries.

3. Connectivity Optimised

The concept of the smart bike is gaining traction, and connectivity is becoming a key focus in the development of electric bikes. Integrated GPS systems, smartphone connectivity, and intuitive touchscreen displays are already a reality.

With time, we may see unprecedented developments in this department and experience a new era of connectivity. Smart city models can be fed data from EVs and used to optimise citizens' quality of life.

4. AI-Integrated Safety Features

AI has taken the world by storm, in much the same way as electric vehicles have revolutionised sustainable transport solutions. Researchers are now looking for ways to integrate AI into e-bike’s safety features. With the help of advanced AI, numerous issues and security loopholes can be solved.

Looking ahead, AI could serve a crucial role in e-bikes, with innovations such as anti-collision systems, self-driving features, and rider assistance. Additionally, AI can optimise maintenance schedules, enhancing the longevity and performance of e-bikes. In some cases, AI biometric monitoring systems can also be installed on electric bikes to monitor riders' vitals and send alerts in emergencies.

To Sum Up

Electric motorcycles have the potential to revolutionise mobility as we know it. In the last few years, the world has experienced only a fraction of the possibilities that e-bikes can offer. With extensive research and development in this space, EV bikes can become more than just an eco-conscious solution.

At the moment, Oben Electric has a head start in providing state-of-the-art features, unparalleled performance, and extended battery range. Its flagship model, Oben Rorr, has exceeded expectations and cemented its place as one of the best electric bikes in India. Visit our official website and bring home the all-new Rorr.