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Author IconOben Electric
Date Icon Mon Feb 12 2024

Humans! A higher-rung species that has been perpetually evolving and rapidly advancing since the time of evolution. Through this cohesive metamorphosis, we have challenged, explored, and discovered many firsts for ourselves. Lifestyle, Mobility, F&B, Clothing, Education, and Technology have witnessed changes both prudent and cataclysmic in ways that we have known.


Over time, know-how and machines (post the industrial revolution

of 1760) have made our life swifter, and easier, while furthering the whole

ecosystem. The automotive industry has been privy to this development.

Following this, there has been a radical change in the way we see vehicles

today, their end use, involvement, and prominence as a part of our daily lives.

What began as a mere form of mobility to move from one destination to another,

has forged into a bond, a liaison in which a man and his machine sync together,

are connected emotionally, and is an extension of one’s lifestyle.


In this stream, Germany is highly recognized for its outstanding

automotive industry, and excellence in auto engineering. It has been applauded

and highly admired for its designs, top-notch quality, enduring performance,

world-class innovation, safety, and reliability standards. Over the years, it

has only advanced towards bringing world-class R&D infrastructure, value

chain integration, a well-qualified workforce, and customer support systems in

place. It has deeply motivated and continues to stimulate automotive companies

around the world. Today, Germany is the home of Automotive Engineering and is

also reckoned as the birthplace of some of the very successful giants in the



International organizations established standards to bring similar

levels of design, quality, safety, and reliability in-house. But, when WHO ranked

most countries (India being 21 among the top 30) as having the worst polluted

cities in the world, there was a pressing need to evolve yet again to better

mobility that stressed reducing carbon emissions and lower greenhouse gases.

In line with this, there was also a surge in electric mobility

worldwide. The automotive industry is currently sailing through a transition

from ICE (Internal Combustion Engines) to EVs (Electric Vehicles) with wider

acceptance than a decade before. Electric Vehicles are revolutionizing road

transport across B2C and B2B consumer segments.


Key aspects of EVs such as R&D, innovation, quality,

government interest, and consumer acceptance have grown exponentially in India.

They are getting smarter, more futuristic, connected, and more accepted than

ever. These can be greatly credited to the Government’s support for electric

three-wheelers, four-wheelers, public transportation, and two-wheelers. At

present, more than 350 electric vehicle manufacturers are operating in India, including

OEMs, SMEs, and component manufacturers.


Homologation, special committees, subsidies, incentives, and

policies under the Government’s arm have been a firm advocate of electric

mobility to an extent. The latest policies surround extensive support on

empowering other areas, viz. charging infrastructure and safety, that will

further boost the adoption of EVs across all households.


At Oben Electric, we are truly inspired by this change. Our

stellar team of professionals comes with a collective experience of more than

20 years in designing, developing, and manufacturing EVs and critical EV

components. Today, we are recognized as a strong R&D-driven organization

that best understands the nuances of EV technology, advanced battery

chemistries, and consumer needs.


Analogous to German standards, our multi-level testing,

durability, safety, and connectivity address the transforming requirements of

the Indian EV segment. Most electric vehicles are either assembled or acquired

from other sources, making our offering for the Indian market truly unique and

safe in every way. Our adept in-house technical and design teams have put us in

a position where we can truly look beyond merely assembling the product to

creating a product ground up. Our products are focused more on design-meeting

performance, customer needs, and strong after-sales support.

 As an early mover in the electric motorcycle landscape, our

maiden offering ‘Rorr’ has the best-in-industry features with over 21 patents

filed for its design and critical components.