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Unleash the Power of 'Made in India' with Oben Rorr Electric Bike

Author IconOben Electric
Date Icon Thu Feb 15 2024


The Swadeshi movement, a pivotal chapter in India's struggle for independence, marked the rejection of foreign goods in favour of domestic products. Today, more than a century later, India is once again poised to assert its self-reliance by showcasing and promoting its indigenous manufacturing capabilities.

The ‘Make in India’ initiative proved a boon for multiple industries, including the electric vehicle sector. Government aid in various EV research and development processes has led to the emergence of several electric bike startups.

Among these startups, one has managed to capture the attention of e-bike enthusiasts nationwide—the Oben Rorr. Powered by high-performance motors, extended battery range, and smart connectivity features, the Oben Rorr electric bike truly encapsulates the essence of India’s technological prowess.

'Make in India' – Pioneering a Self-Reliant Future

Launched in the year 2014, the ‘Make in India’ initiative is a cornerstone of a comprehensive nation-building endeavour. This initiative was strategically crafted to elevate India to the status of a global manufacturing hub.

The automobile industry, one of the core sectors of the Indian economy, has received significant funding from the government. The EV sector has experienced a boost in its R&D stages and sales due to the government’s positive intervention.

Section 35 (2AB) of the Income Tax Act allows a weighted tax deduction to companies for the cost incurred on in-house R&D facilities. It stood at 150% prior to March 2020, after which it was reduced to 100% of the incurred cost. Tax deductions have propelled extensive research in the electric bike segment. 


Furthermore, the government also launched the Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicle (FAME) subsidy. This programme aids in EV adoption in two ways. First, it offers a deduction in electric bike prices, reducing costs by up to 15% of the e-bike purchase price.

The second part of the FAME subsidy programme strengthens the infrastructure to support mainstream EV adoption. According to thereports, the Central Government has sanctioned up to INR 800 Crore to India’s oil marketing companies for setting up more than 7000 charging stations nationwide. So far, the FAME subsidy alone has sanctioned more than 2800 charging stations across 68 cities. 

Finally, the government has supported India’s EV segment by spreading consumer awareness of electric motorcycles. The e-Amrit portal, launched under Niti Aayog, aims to impart knowledge and bust various myths with regard to e-bikes and electric cars.

Growing awareness of and goodwill for EVs has indirectly supported the faster adoption of electric motorcycles among Indian consumers.


Taking a Closer Look at Oben Rorr

The Bangalore-based electric motorcycle startup Oben Electric has piqued the interest of EV enthusiasts around the globe.

The following specifications make this e-bike stand out from the crowd:

1. Unmatched Performance

The Oben Rorr electric bike has proved itself to be a powerhouse in terms of performance. Equipped with a robust 8kW electric motor, it promises impressive performance metrics. Boasting a swift acceleration of 0-40 km/h in three seconds and a commendable top speed of 100 km/h, the Rorr is a veritable game-changer in the electric motorcycle segment.

2. Extended Battery Range

A key aspect of any electric bike is its battery and range. Oben Rorr excels in this department with its high-capacity 4.4 kWh Aluminium-coated battery. Flaunting a quick charging time of 2 hours and a 187km ride range, this e-bike is ideal for daily commutes and adventurous rides alike.

3. Cutting-Edge Smart Connectivity Features

The bike’s connectivity options enable you to connect to Rorr’s mobile app on your smartphone. With this, you can access Rorr’s ride history, remote diagnostics, and GPS system. Technology integration enhances the riding experience by making it safer, more enjoyable, and more interactive. 

4. Aesthetic Neo-Classic Design

The Oben Rorr electric bike epitomises a blend of contemporary design and functional elegance. Its sleek, aerodynamic profile is a visual testament to the convergence of style and efficiency. The Rorr’s proprietary ARX-frame design accounts for its ergonomic build and increased stability. Available in two colour variants i.e., Electric Red and Voltaic Yellow, the Oben Rorr ensures that you enjoy your thrilling rides in style. 

 Join the EV Revolution with Oben Rorr

The Oben Rorr electric bike is a testament to the prowess of Indian engineering and entrepreneurship. Serving as a beacon of hope for a sustainable and greener future, Oben Rorr is leading the wave of India’s EV revolution.

Become a part of this awe-inspiring journey by bringing home the all-new Rorr. Head on to the Oben Electric official website and book your ride today. Experience the thrill of next-generation e-bike rides with Rorr!